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Swimming Pool Leak Detection

We offer specialist swimming pool leak detection services for domestic swimming pool owners. If you notice significant changes in your water level, or other signs you may have a leak, get in touch immediately. We can locate and repair leaks expertly and efficiently for your peace of mind.

Identify Leaks Fast

With specialist equipment at our disposal and a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we can identify and locate leaks quickly and effectively. This allows us to carry out targeted repairs and prevent further problems down the line.

You may be pretty confident that you’ve got a leak, but without the right tools, it can be almost impossible to locate the leak and repair it effectively. As a result, the longer you wait, the more water you’ll be wasting.

If you suspect you might have a leak but you’re not sure where, get in touch for a fast and effective solution from our team.

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Signs Your Pool Might Be Leaking

While regular maintenance and servicing should reduce the risk of a leak going unnoticed, you should still keep an eye out for any red flags that might suggest that you’re losing water. Here are some common signs your pool might be leaking:

Changes in water level.

Some water loss is normal due to evaporation or general splashing. However, if you are noticing significant drops in your water level despite constant refilling, get in touch.

Damaged tiles or lining.

Keep an eye out for cracks in your tiles or tears in your pool’s lining. These may or may not be connected to a leak, but it’s best to contact the professionals to find out for sure.

Wet patches in the garden.

If there is a leak somewhere in your pool’s plumbing, you may notice wet patches in your garden where water is leaking into the ground.

Keep Your Pool Watertight

Leaks can occur in the swimming pool lining itself, or somewhere in the plumbing system associated with the pool. Wherever the leak is located, it is important to repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damages and excessive water wastage.

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Get in touch to arrange an inspection of your pool as soon as possible.

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