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Hot Tub & Spa Services

As well as catering to home swimming pools, we also offer a full range of hot tub and spa services. A hot tub or swim spa can be a great addition to any home. However, without proper maintenance, they can cause a lot of headaches.

Get in touch to arrange a weekly service plan to keep things running smoothly, or an ultimate service every three months to fully empty and refill your tub.

Weekly Service Plan

For dedicated support on a regular basis, choose our weekly service plan, which includes:

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Ultimate Service

Did you know that you should completely empty and refill your hot tub or spa every three months? If it’s been three months or more since your last refill, get in touch to book our ultimate service, which includes a full empty and refill. During your service, we will:

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Diagnostics, Repairs & Replacement Parts

As well as routine cleaning and maintenance, we offer a full range of diagnostics and a repair service, including replacement parts as and when you require them.

If, during your weekly service, we identify any minor defects or causes for concern, we can offer you fast and effective solutions to keep your hot tub or spa running smoothly.

If you notice anything unusual, get in touch and we can help identify the issue and provide a solution. We have access to a full range of high-quality replacement parts, including covers and lifters.

Replacing A Hot Tub Filter

Contact Us

Get in touch to arrange a service schedule that works for you.

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