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Pool Installation

We can provide you with a full swimming pool installation service for your home, including design, construction and fitting. To find out more, or to arrange a consultation, contact us today.

Swimming Pool Design & Installation

We offer a comprehensive inground pool construction service, covering all aspects of the installation, from the initial design right through to the finishing touches. Installing a home swimming pool is no simple task, but with our expertise, you can expect a smooth process from start to finish.


During the design phase, we will consult with you on your needs, survey the area you wish to install your pool, and come up with a detailed design based on your requirements.


The next step is to excavate the area where the swimming pool will go. This will be done carefully and methodically to minimise disruption to your property.


The installation itself involves laying the groundworks for the pool, installing the necessary utilities, and fitting the pool itself.

Finishing touches.

Once the pool is in place, we will complete any finishing touches you require, including tiling, covering and more. Finally, you can fill up your pool and enjoy!
Design Your Dream Swimming Pool

A home swimming pool is a lifelong dream for many people. We are here to help you make that dream a reality. So, if you have any specific tastes, preferences or requirements, please let us know!

We’ll be happy to accommodate your needs in every way possible. Plus, if your garden has a unique layout or any specific needs, we will do our best to help you find the best solution.

For more information, or to begin designing your dream swimming pool today, contact our team.

Drone Photo Of Back Garden Swimming Pool
Heat Pump Installation

Nowadays, a heat pump is the most energy efficient way of keeping your swimming pool nice and warm, even when the air temperature starts to dip. We can install heat pumps for new and existing pools.

Heat pumps use state-of-the-art technology to turn a tiny amount of electrical energy into a large amount of thermal energy. This warmth can then be used to heat the water in your pool.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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For more information, or to arrange a consultation, get in touch today.

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